Meet our team of Pro-Hunters.

Scott Banack Pure Instinct Outdoors

Scott Banack

An outdoorsman his whole life, Scott spent much of his childhood hunting with family since a very tender age. Upon reaching High School, Scott was becoming a talented caller for Moose and was known for luring them as early as Grade 9. From these days of early morning spot and stalk Mulie hunts with his bow before school, to the recent pack hunts for days and weeks on end, he continues to stalk northern Alberta big game with his bow.

After connecting with numerous trophy animals, he started to challenge himself by filming his hunts, bringing this innate passion and wealth of hunting experience to Pure Instinct Outdoors.

Being a producer of the show and now father to 3 beautiful girls keeps him just as busy as the tree stand but he still finds a way to capture the best game every year and bring that amazing hunting experience to you in your home.

Scott Bigelow Pure Instinct Outdoors

Scott Bigelow

From Beaverlodge Alberta, Scott is known to have climbed more mountain tops and spent more nights under a spruce tree than just about anyone. Hunting all over Alberta as he grew up, he’s traveled across North America and the world while hunting many different species of game but always returns to his true passion of Elk and Sheep hunting in the Wilmore wilderness.

This is Scott’s life-long dream of hunting and harvesting game, bringing you the great footage of the hunts that means the most to him.

Dustin Banack Pure Instinct Outdoors

Dustin Banack

Scott’s brother Dustin was also raised in the family tradition of outdoor life. Starting so young that he can barely remember brief moments of situations in the bush with his dad and brother, he likes to say that “Hunting seasons don’t seem to have a start or a finish. We prepare for them all year round, from one open season to the next.”

His most vivid memory is harvesting his first Moose with his father. That experience taught him the value of the hard work required from tracking to harvest, the techniques and old-style teamwork which have grown to be as part of his day to day life.

“Hunting brings people together and keeps them together. I chose this route and look to pass on the enjoyment that I get from hunting to the others around me and those watching on WildTV. It’s creates a bond between young and old and everyone can enjoy.”


The most talented individuals in the field. They keep the hunt running even when the cameras are not.

Johnathon Ferguson Pure Instinct Outdoors

Johnathon Ferguson

Enthusiastic about anything outdoors, Johnathon learned hunting and fishing skills from his dad especially the ethics, the sportsmanship, and the respect. It has become a passion, honed to thrive for each new season’s beginning. Whether it’s a party freezing it’s tail off in the dead of November while waiting for that mature Whitetail to present himself, or bugling bulls in the early September fog, each experience brings more and more.

With a newfound passion for bow hunting all thanks to a great friend and hunting partner Scott Banack, his game has gotten that much more intense and thrilling. With each passing season the knowledge gained is passed on to his son Keegan, who’s own passion is expected to surpass even Johnathon’s someday.

Andy Fuller

After nabbing his first grouse at the young age of 10 years old, Andy’s love for the outdoors and hunting in particular, was quite evident to everyone he met and this passion still shines today.

Primarily a bow hunter, Andy loves to share his knowledge of archery and appreciation of the outdoors with anyone who is curious about learning. He always likes to say “I get just as much out of watching someone else harvest an animal as if it were me pulling the trigger.”

Watch for Andy as he shows his dedication in pursuing his quarry in the diverse terrain of Alberta.

“Aim small, miss small.”

Chase Alguire Pure Instinct Outdoors

Chase Alguire

A pro-guide for the past 10 years in Northern Alberta, Chase was born and raised right here, hunting with his dad and brother since a very early age. Whitetail deer are his true outdoor passion but over the years he has pursued and havested Black Bear, Moose, Elk, Coyote, Wolf, Deer, Ducks and Geese.

Andrew Olsen Pure Instinct Outdoors

Andrew Olsen

Born and raised in Northern Alberta Canada, a mecca for North American Big game hunting, Andrew’s life in the outdoors began at a young age on his father’s trapline. Learning the early lessons of tracking, identifying, and learning the habits of the animals then applying this knowledge to small game such as Rabbits, Squirrels and Grouse, as he grew older he was allowed to tag along on family hunts for for Deer, Moose or Elk.

His best childhood memories were waking up at 5am on a cold and frosty Alberta mornings knowing that he was about to go hunting and can still remember taking his first big game animal while out with my Grandfather, a 3×4 Whitetail buck in early November.

Hooked, these “ghosts of the woods” are to this day his favorite animals to hunt. “Once you see a big mature Boone and Crockett Whitetail step out in front of you at bow range you know that you’ve seen something special, not just because the size of his head gear but because you know what that deer has had to endure for the span of his life, from predators, hunting pressure even the harsh Northern Canadian winters, I have nothing but respect for these animals.”

“While luck does play a big part in finding game, it is still all about your home work, the endless hours of scouting, trying pattern his movements to setting up blinds or tree stands, taking all the precautions you know that you need to do to make your hunt successful.”